Building a healing strat for Brutalus

So I've hesitated to post this for fear of being wrong and looking like an idiot, but I've decided this is part of what I do as a GM and maybe it'll help someone. Also, after singing to you guys, I can't really embarrass myself much further.

We finally killed the big blue menace on Tuesday and I've spent the past few days building our Brutalus healing strategy. I've looked over kill videos, WWS reports, and strategies that include listing of the boss abilities. I know that at my guild's place in progression I could jack someone else's strat and do no actual thinking for myself, but my EQ roots make coming up with my own plan a matter of pride. Also no one else knows my healers as well as I do, so I doubt their strats would be as strong as my own for my guild.

So here's the plan for our guild's initial Brutalus attack:
1 CoH Priest and 1 Shaman to heal Meteor Slash
1 Pally to heal Burn targets (With help from the meteor slash shaman at the final tick)
1 Holy priest, 1 Disc priest, 1 pally and 1 shaman on the MTs.

The shaman and I are going to spend some quality time together figuring out what rank of Lesser Healing Wave he can cast continuously for 6 minutes (fully raid buffed). In the fight he will stand still and continuously cast Lesser Healing Wave. The holy priest will be casting max rank Greater Heal to land in time with the main hand weapon swing (both 2.5 seconds, coincidence I think not!), and keep renew up and the Disc priest thinks on his feet and will alternate his heals but I anticipate at 4 casts in 15 second average. The pally is a Holy Light spammer.

The heart of this plan is maxing our inspiration/ancestral fortitude uptime to counterbalance Stomp. I've done some math with my raid leader and determined that with this configuration we can keep inspiration/ancestral fortitude on our tanks 94% of the time.*

So, that's my initial healing plan. As my raid leader buddy says, "no good plan survives contact with the enemy." I'll check in after our first night's attempts and let you know what worked and what didn't work.

*I found that in my scouring of the intarwebz there is no Inspiration/Ancestral Fortitude uptime calculator or formula published so I had to make my own. It's not perfect but it's the best estimation I could put together without delving into derivatives. Using the math my raid leader and I put together I will be creating a calculator in the hopes of preventing someone else from having to do all that math.


Runycat said...

Hey, grats on Kalec and good luck on Brut--if you've got a bitching resto druid, I recommend sticking one of them on burn victims rather than a paladin. It worked really well for us (although I obviously don't know your raid set up).

Runycat said...

Additionally, if you had that one priest spec Disc for this particular fight, you might want to rethink it. A group of pallies with a non-CoH priest can keep up the MT's if they're spamming big heals and making sure they're not all landing at the same time (a sure way to get boned). The priests/shammies are better suited for the raid healing, and as I mentioned earlier, the dr00ds are cool with burn victims (lol tree durid not that kind of HoT!).

Also, it depends on what kinds of tanks you're using. If you've got a bear and a warrior, that's a pretty good combo for various reasons--but if you've got two warriors, they're going to get destroyed during stomps if they're not using cooldowns/nightmare seeds/ironshields etc.

Learned all this the hard way (and, you know, taking 20934802938 years to set up pulls).

Kylia said...

Good words.