Who interviewed whom? Auz Visits World of Matticus!

I was interviewed on World of Matticus today but when we got to the rapid fire section of the interview I turned the tables on Matt and Wyn. Anyone who's been reading too long knows I can't give single word answers. Below are Matt and Wyn's single fire responses.

Ladies First: Here's Wyn.
For those who don't know Matt has a new woman in his life (well at least his internet life) Wyn has joined the writing team, and she's very much the ying to his yang. Despite all stereotypes about women and Asians, she schools him in math.

I need rapid fire question for you before I publish my link
Auz: Shaken or Stirred?
Wyn: shaken
Wyn: wait
Auz: Dwarf or Nelf?
Wyn: chocolate milk or a martini?
Auz: you don't get to ask back!
Wyn: it's important! i like my chocolate milk shaken, and my martinis stirred!
Wyn: this is crucial!
Auz: fine milk
Wyn: okay, shaken
Auz: Dwarf of Nelf!
Wyn: Dwarf. Nelfs are only marginally cooler than Belfs
Wyn: and they're too emo
Wyn: dwarfs are drunk, which is better
Wyn: this is fun
Auz: Screaming child in the background or leet speak in vent?
Wyn: zomg, 1337 haxx ftw
Wyn: *h4xx
Wyn: h4><>
Wyn: hmm
Auz: Combat pets; cool or omg what a waste of space?
Wyn: both of my priests have worg puppies. i don't have the space or desire to collect, but i like having one special one
Auz: If you were forced to chose between going IDS or going Shadow what would you pick?
Wyn: lolsmite?
Wyn: (ids)
Wyn: i've had to before
Auz: Now that you've been both, Dirty Whorde or Bunny Kissing Alliance?
Wyn: interesting trivia: if you read the lore, the horde are the "good guys," if anyone is
Auz: Don't mess with my world view lady!
Wyn: hey now
Auz: /wink
Wyn: /hug
Auz: Best pick up line
Wyn: "I want you more than I want my 2nd Warglaive" so freaking pro.

And now here's Matt. Matt and I were more organized, I think Wyn and I had more fun.

Who's intro is more irritating, Kael or Illy?

"I kissed a girl and I liked it" or "Don't Stop Believing"?
Neither. "Livin' on a Prayer"

Wisdom or Kings?
In a high performance situation, Matticus recommends you use protection. Blessing of protection.

DoTA or Counterstrike?

Counterstrike. Great source of stress relief.

Best Vent Quote Ever:

"Hey Matt, I need a heal!"
"Why don't you get some ****ing raid frames then you'd know that I'm dead ***hole!"

Leading a Pug Kael or Leading a Pug Archy?
Kael. It's more methodical and less random.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

No idea, but I can stop all of them.

Favorite male Blogger:

Other than me =)?
Toss up between Big Boss Bear and Kestrel. But Bear wins by a whisker.

Worst fight to DC in:


Favorite class to Arena with:

My Elemental Shaman

So there ya go, more than ya ever wanted to know about Matt and Wyn. Plus if you click the link, more than ya wanted to know about me.


Chris said...

Very funny interviews.

Kestrel said...

I'm blown away to even be mentioned in the same breath as Bear!

GREAT stuff, Auz :D

Matticus said...

Hey man, we're equals aight? ^^

Auzara said...

I don't think I've ever had so much fun writing a post in my blogging history.

Captain The First said...

I wonder what it means when bloggers blog about blogging bloggers and then show up to post comments in blog posts about blogging bloggers.

hmmmm. I am going to have to try that hehe

Auzara said...

I think if we add another level of blogging to this, the world might implode. Or we all get cookies.